Image has weird white space in the right side

I am a beginner and I built a Tribute page as per requirement to freecodecamp. But can some one tell me clearly why in the right side of the image has some white space. Whatever I do I cannot figure out where exactly the problem is. Thanks.
For some unknown reason I am unable to add links to my post which is related to the code. So how am I supposed to post the code here? Can I share Github pages link?

Wherever you have your code,no issue. Provide link to your code.

I Need your code, you can copy and paste the HTML and CSS code directly into this chat, and I can help you identify the issue.

If you prefer to share the code directly, you can paste it here between triple backticks (```) like this in a separate line before and after your code:

<!-- Your HTML code here -->
/* Your CSS code here */

This way, I’ll be able to see your code and provide assistance in identifying the white space issue. Once you share the code, I’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot the problem!

Hello! Seems I found out what’s the problem, the original image has a white space:

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Thank you very much. I didn’t notice that when choosing the image. So there’s no problem with my code then. If you have any suggestion regarding my code please feel free to suggest since I am a newbie.

You’re welcome! And feel free to ask new questions here on the forum