Image misconfigured with css styles in gallery

Why the header image is misconfigured when I place the styles of the gallery

  <img class=”header-logo” src="my logo 2.svg"  style="height:70px;"  width:70px; alt="">

  <nav class=”header-menu”>

    <a class=”header-menu-item”> menu1 </a>
    <a class=”header-menu-item”> menu2 </a>
    <a class=”header-menu-item”> menu3 </a>


the CSS/





font-famuly:”Serala”, sans-serif


Your CSS missing a lot. This is corrected CSS .header-menu {

        display: flex;
        gap: 0.5em;


    .header-menu-item {

        font-family: ”Serala”, sans-serif;
        color: black;
        font-weight: 400;
        font-size: 18px;


Hello, i already close it.

<img class=”header-logo” src=“my logo 2.svg” style=“height:70px;” width:70px; alt=“”/>

but stille the same problem

Thanks for your help

Also your files as images for example. Suppose to be without spaces. image_cat.png for example or imagecat.png
Let me know if you need help.

Hello JJcodenet. I already fix this problem in the name of photo.

and Put the styles in the Css file.

But the photo dissapear and ii is showing an empty big box.

the css/




What more can I do, JJcodenet? Thanks for your help. I am not expert yet in Css