Image moves from its supposed position

Hello! I’m doing this project and i’m trying to give the tape effect in the photo on “end-section”. I’m having two problems: one, when i resize the webpage that “tape” img moves and, two, when i open the website in full screen the image just disappears. Do you guys can help me understand what i’m doing? Thank you!

I’m not sure if I understood what you are saying… are you talking about the photo with the couple at the end?
To me when I resize the window it still there but I noticed that your html is not complete: the body and html tags are not closed.

What i don’t understand is: in this first screenshot the “tape” in the image of the couple is in position and works.

But if i start opening the windows, the “tape” also moves.

And it’s making me crazy that in the full website it doesnt even show up :joy:
[Edit: I noticed now, that it finally appears :exploding_head:]

Oh I see. Did you check the CSS related to this tape image?

Yes, i thought it could be the position being relative but it has to be relative

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