Image Search Abstraction Layer (Bing API key)

Hello, i have not credit card for create Azure account and take a Bing API key.

How i can do “Image Search Abstraction Layer” (Back end project) without Bing API key?

Why would you need bing api key?

You can just parse raw html from google images for the searched query and build the json out of it (think about offset as the next 10 images).

I haven’t dived into instructions on the FCC website, but I think the point of this problem is to teach you something about parsing urls and returning data based on that, not to implement specific api. Raw parsing html and creating json out of it is far more valuable skill.

I’ve just finished this project, and agree finding am image search API is more difficult than expected. I ended up going with a Google ‘Custom Search Engine’ which seems to be the best way to deal with the issue without forking out money (although I’ve read somewhere that there’s a 50-search daily limit)

Found this after I’d got the app working, but this post looks to have a walk-through on setting up a CSE: