Image Size, Links and Centering


Happy 2020 to all !!

I have three issues I am trying to resolve on my Portfolio page that I am having no luck solving.

  • I would like to resize the photo of me on the page(smaller)

  • The links at the top of the page are not linking to the “best” spot on their section within the page(meaning; they link just not to the visually best place).

  • My centered bio section is off a little to the right just a little bit. (maybe a CSS adjustment)

Thank you in advance.
here is the code if you want to have a look – The Code should be posted by from the Github repo

Hello Greenking.

You are much more likely to receive help, if you have your code hosted somewhere. I tried to find it on GitHub pages, but could not (so, link to it, if you have). Otherwise, paste your code on a site like CodePen (making sure to reference to all of your media/files correctly).

I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much. I appreciated you reading my Post.
I thought I did that by posting the Github repo. IE super-happiness.
But I am guessing it did not show up?
Let me try posting again. THANK YOU