Image slideshow

Can someone please help me how to create a responsive image slideshow using HTML and CSS.

You will likely need JavaScript in addition to HTML and CSS to create a carousel (image slideshow). If you are new to web development, I would maybe first try using Bootstrap’s Carousel instead of coding one from scratch.

I am new to web development…i can’t just copy paste this into the editor without understanding the code. So is there nay tutorial which you know that can be of help or guidance for me. Also can you please tell where do i learn javascript. Thanks

I suggest you start with Free Code Camp’s curriculum. You can pick which topics you want to learn in any order, but I suggest following the curriculum in the order it is presented.

You will learn enough in the curriculum to get your started on the path to creating a carousel. @s_coder’s suggestion about using Bootstrap for the carousel is a great option for a beginner, because you do not have to understand more advanced JavaScript concepts. If you use Bootstraps carousel, then once you learn more about JavaScript, you can always come back and try to create your own carousel with plain JavaScript if you want.

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Thanks for the guidance. How do i use the Bootstrap Carousel? What about the CSS code. I am able to see only the HTML part of the code

You are getting ahead of yourself here. First, you need to learn about HTML, then CSS in the curriculum I referenced in my last post. Then you can take a look at the curriculum’s Bootstrap section. Then, you would read the documentation referenced in the link @s_coder provided to put it all together.

I agree with @RandellDawson that going through the Free Code Camp curriculum is your best path forward right now.

But to answer your question, Bootstrap is a CSS framework. So when you add Bootstrap to your project, ie. through CodePen’s Quick Add feature, you are adding a ton of CSS that is already written out for you. The classes in the documentation on Bootstrap’s website shown as HTML reference CSS classes in the Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap also has some JavaScript, but it’s mostly about CSS.