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Hi everyone.
Relating to codepen and image uploading, what sites / ways does everyone get links for href links??
I have been using ‘’ but recently found that there is an expiration link to the links. So is there anything out there, that codepen will accept that doesn’t have some sort of expiration link to it?
(Hope that make some sense)
Thanks in advance for any help.

It is not that Codepen won’t accept the links, it is the other sites which won’t allow Codepen to link to the images hosted on their servers. If you do a search on the forum, you should see several others who have asked a similar question and received responses which worked for them.

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Thanks, I forgot to do this part. I found a couple of other sites to try which is good.

@Boris1011 @RandellDawson And its for a reason. Codepen implicitly sets the pen behavior set to auto-updating set to true that with EVERY change in the code will generate for them unnecessary traffic. This is an unwanted traffic especially for free media hosting services .

I know why they block Codepen. Many of the sites like imgur would also block my websites from using their servers to “host” my image files. They refer to it as hot-linking in their TOS and they do not allow it and in most cases will block the request. A small volume site probably does not trigger it, but a high volume site or the auto-updating on Codepn will definitely do it. The actual issue those sites have is the hot-linking which uses their site as a free host supplement for your own site’s images. It takes the load off your own web server and puts the load on theirs. I totally understand why they do not allow it. I do the same thing for some of my sites which contain certain images.

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Thats why i preferred to have my own paid web hosting service with the price of two beers a month :slight_smile: and upload all my testing stuff up there.

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