Images and fonts are not working on mobile phones

Hello there, I completed both of my first projects and submitted them to FCC, however after trying accessing the codepen link on a smartphone, the images won’t load and the fonts won’t work properly, however most of the fonts that I used are considered “safe”.
Here are both of my projects and
Just to note that I used an online tool for viewing the page on different resolution and devices, and they both worked as I was expecting…
Any help?

Why do you set the font-size in vw? That’s relative to the viewport width, so for small viewports (mobiles) the font becomes REALLY small. It can be useful for images but it’s not great with fonts. You can see the effect very easily if you resize your codepen window. Try using em instead.

For images, I think I read somewhere on the forum that imgur doesn’t work with CodePen. Try searching in the forum, I’m pretty sure the problem has come up before.

Thanks for the response! I always had problem with sizing images and fonts, I will try changing them to em and see the effects. As for the images, I tried them from a laptop and they didnt load! But both on my Desktop and on it works perfectly! :confused: