Images from Google Drive not showing in Codepen

Hey guys, does anyone have the same problem with their images not showing up in Codepen? i host my images on my google drive but they’re not showing up.

Could you post a link?

Also I’m not sure if codepen allows linking images from google drive…


hi i’m working on my product landing page for the responsive web design projects, here’s my code: it’s not done yet as i am still working on the content. if you right click and inspect element the image on the header section on top left, you can copy the image url and paste in on your browser and you can access it, but it’s not showing up in codepen.

It’s not showing up because it’s not actually an image URL. It’s just a web page that features the image that you want.

You can get the actual image by right-clicking the image, then clicking “Copy Image Location” (or something similar).