Images in the challenge from learning module

I have tried several methods with no success. I would like to replace the image source with an image from my sektop?

Your code so far

Hi @bkozak

First thing you have to use the same source provided in the challenge.

Your ‘src’ attribute must be inside the ‘img’ element.
As you haven’t provided your code here. I am not able to tell you specifically what’s wrong but I think there must be an syntax error in your code.

Read the challenge again carefully and solve it.

Thank you.

Hey @bkozak!

Please provide the link to your code.

“C:\Users\mrbob\OneDrive\Desktop\Copy of IMG_20160426_192755997.jpg”

It is on your computer we can’t see. Please upload the code in Codepen

@bkozak, if I understand correctly you’re working on the first project, the tribute page and you have a copy of the image on your laptop and when coding you want to use that copy of the image.

It sounds like you’re coding the tribute page locally. That’s okay.
But if you want others to see your page it’s going to have to be hosted somewhere so there’s a live view of it. FCC recommends codepen but you can use or github pages, etc.

The thing to note is that the image is going to have to be somewhere live too as no one will have access to your laptop to see the image. So you’ll want to use an external link to the image.

Last thing to note is the sample pages are an example of one way the project can be completed. Do not try and replicate it.
As the instructions say, your page should be functionally similar, that means meet all the required user stories. And give it your own personal style.

Hope that helps.

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How do I host it?

Thank You!
Bob Kozak

Edited to remove commercial information

I edited your post to remove the commercial information that was contained therein.

What do you want to host?

If talking about your project, that info was given in my previous post.

If talking about the image, why host it if you can just provide a link to it? If you need/want to use an image, let’s say a picture that you took and want to use then you need to put in on a free image hosting site. A Google search will help you find a few.
Or, if you’re familiar with GitHub you can host the image there. (If you’re not familiar with GitHub you’ll learn about it later.)