Imaginary Startup Landing Page


I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my product landing page for my imaginary startup:

Thank you! Happy Coding!


This was fun! I want an avocado.

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Nice page!
Only thing I would say is maybe put a container on your content to bring the left and right padding in so your rows aren’t so close to the sides of the screen.

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Wow! it’s great. How long did you this complete ?

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Hello there, I feel i’m missing all the fun ! On my ipad i could only see a solid green page and the menu items didn’t work for me , perhaps it is a safari incompatibility issue? I would suggest though making your avocado image size down for smaller screens…

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

add padding maybe… it’s near border and not so beutiful.

Try adding either a pure css or js to add smoothness when you click the target link so that it won’t jump instantly but add a smooth scroll… also where is the fcc test script? you need to have it to check your work

Thanks for the feedback! ! was planning on implementing the smooth scroll soon. I removed the test scripts after I passed on the tests. I did not like the box hanging out in the top left corner.

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Thanks for the feedback! What model of ipad are you using? I will make a note of it and try make the site more compatible.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! My content was in side a Bootstrap “Container-fluid”, which makes the content take up the full width of the viewport. I added some extra padding along the left and right sides. Let me know what you think of it now!

Thanks for the feedback! I added some padding along the left and right borders. What do you think of it now?

Hey there! I did this over the course of about 3 days. I had a rough sketch of it on paper before I started, which really helped. The bulk of the work was done in one day, but due to some technical issues, I had to redo alot of it on the second day. Thanks for the feedback!

I think any iPad type will have the same problem. I’m on my iPhone X now and this what I see:

mobile version iphone 5s is scrolling… not good… because of “sup>©</sup”

I took out all of the sup>©</sup, but it is still acting wierd on my ipad. The first div appears to be very large.

Thanks for bringing this up. I am trying to fix this now.

Love it!*

Can you break down how the slides work for some of us Front-end newbies?
I’ve heard sites like this called “parallax scrolling”, but I’m nut sure if it’s a popular term or not.

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Hey! Thank you for checking out my landing page! Yes, it is parallax scrolling. There are a lot of ways to achieve it but I did it by following a simple HTML/CSS only method I found online. I posted another comment before explaining how it was done:

Hope this helps!

Good but you need a min-width on that body, maybe 500 - 600 px.