Img size/positioning...button needs <a>?

still not able to submit this for passing…not sure how to center my image, or create a button inside an element.

Hello @halfmeasuresroom please have a look at the flexbox and grid documentation again and you are sure to sort the positioning of the image and the button all by yourself.

Your image should be centered.
There is no element with tribute link.
Please Revisit the Applied Visual design and Html lessons

Ok. I’ve fixed two of the errors, concerning the button element. But, I’m still having issues correcting the resize img element. I even added the max-width: none; it suggested. And that doesn’t work. The error is listed below:

The element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.

try adding a width property to the parent element (like 100% for example)

The test is not telling you to set max-width to none. Read it carefully.

Try using the “max-width” style property : expected ‘none’ to not equal ‘none’

It is telling you it is expecting a value that isn’t none. You can use the CSS shown in the make an image responsive challenge to pass this last requirement.

Side note: If you do not set a max-width property on an element the default value is none (or if you manually set it to none, obviously). The test is simply using this fact as a way to check that you have set the max-width to a value (other than none).