img src for first project

the img src i’ve entered into my first project on CodPen is not showing up…i copied the URL from GoogleImages from the re-usable category…is it because i’m not using a bit-ly URL?..if so, how do i get that?

  <img src="">

The url doesn’t work for me. You can download the image you want if it’s free to use and save it a separate file in your project and link to it from html, or you can upload to an image hosting site like and reference it the same way you just did. Hope that helps

Hi @halfmeasuresroom, you’ve actually linked to the entire page where the image is. You can click on the image and get the addr for it or open it in a new tab and copy the addr that way.
As an aside, the image address is;

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Yes, the source for an image file should end with .jpg or one of the other image file types.