<img src = not loading

So i’m using bootstrap model to code my website, however the referencing doesn’t work when i upload the file onto the source file. Tried looking on other online forums but it didnt help;//

 {% extends 'bootstrap/base.html' %}

{% block title %}
    {% if title %}{{ title }} - Freelibby!!{% else %}{{ _('Welcome to Freely') }}{% endif %}
{% endblock %}

{% block navbar %}
    <!-- nav class="navbar navbar-default" -->
        <!-- NAVBAR-->
    <nav class="navbar-brand">
       <a href="#" class="pull-left">
           <img src= "https://res.cloudinary.com/mhmd/image/upload/v1557368579/logo_iqjuay.png"></a>  

<img src="/image/logo.png"></a>   Doesnt WORK
       <div class="container">
            <div class="navbar-header">

Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Without seeing your directory structure its hard to say, maybe your src link is not correct. Maybe you could look at the network requests in you browser to see if it is going to the src you think it should. Is the problem on your localhost or production?