Imitating Editable Sections With Equation Editors

I would like to use Mathquill, Guppy, or some other natural equation editor. I want sections of the equation to be editable depending on the content, and I’m curious if there’s a way to mimic this effect, even if it’s not built-in. My idea was to access the span containing the editable section and make it highlighted white and editable as opposed to using the Mathquill or Guppy API. However, finding the correct span to modify using the DOM could be very difficult (only the innermost spans containing individual characters have inner HTML it seems). Do you think this would run into any issues, and would there be a better or easier way of doing it? Thank you!

To give a specific example, I would want the user to be able to type in solve and (similar to how typing sin changes the display), it would switch to:

solve {editable section} for {editable section}

with “solve” and “for” being non-editable.

Update: I found \MathQuillMathField in the documentation, which apparently allows for editable fields in noneditable latex.

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