Implement the filter Method on a Prototype (Arrow Function Style)

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ok so i passed this with the for loop and ive got close with arrow function i can get it to put [true,true,false,true] into the newArray however i havnt come across a way of adding if statements in i did my research and people said it goes something like => if { (condition) instruction }

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for (let i = 0 ; i < this.length ; i++){                   //my working forloop method

 if (callback(this[i])){

 this.forEach( (i) => newArray.push(callback(i)))             //first atempt at arrow function messing up i know

 this.forEach( (i) => if { (callback(i) === true) newArray.push(this[i])) }  //where im at but syntax is wrong

i did some research and i found a thread on overflow which said when using a if statement in arrow syntax i use {} around the call like above but its showing errors at the first {

also as these methods get rid of the need of for loops is there a similar thing for if statements when using arrow functions?

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what is going on here why does it not display the numbers but empty entires in the array