Implementation of Social Authentication error

Hello i’m stucked at the Implementation of Social Authentication in the quality assurance certification, on the previous test Clean Up Your Project with Modules if i moved my routes and auth files (to their new folders) and added de dependencies auth(app, myDataBase) the test would pass but it would show that i was no longer connecting to my database, i googled for hours to found some old posts saying that you have to keep all your files in the server.js folder or else it would not connect, so i did, i just created the folders auth.js and route.js, and it passed (without moving any code to other folder) On the implementation of social authentication tho, it asks you to add 'GITHUB_CLIENT_ID' and `‘GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET’, i didnt understand this part, am i supposed to add those like i did with MONGO_URI and SECRET_SESSION? with the key being the value they give when you connect to your project? (client id and client secretsid?) i also setted the ‘[OAuth applications]’ just the way it tells you to do, then at the end of the code i added the part which connects the authentication to github with

  app.route('/auth/github/callback').get(passport.authenticate('github', { failureRedirect: '/' }), (req, res) => {

once i submit my link i get the error

Route /auth/github should be correct.

Route /auth/github/callback should be correct.

so i have 2 questions basically:

a) is there a way to make both auth.js and route.js, drop the files from server.js and stay connected to your mongo db cluster?

b) if a is no possible and i have to keep all my code in server.js what do i have to change in order to get the correct route and not that error?

ty very much, this is my first time posting, sorry if i missed uploading something

one more thing i updated my OAuth Apps Homepage URL to match my current replit, but still, same error :frowning:

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