Implementing hasOwnProperty

//I am trying to write the source code of hasOwnProperty

et k={h:1,b:2}

let value=-1
for( let i in this){
return true


return false

let b=k.hasOwnPropertys("h")
// result true

Check it is correct or not

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in your loop you have return statements of which one will always execute. in this way the loop will stop at first iteration and never check the rest

you need to change where one of the return statements is

I have posted that code here is not to clarify my doubt. Let them understand what exactly happening inside code

Yes you are right. I have not thought that case
Can you check the code. Now i think it is a working solution

@Eldhose Your function would incorrectly include properties defined in the prototype chain. The built-in hasOwnProperty method only looks in the object and not the prototype chain. That is why you can not use the for in loop. This was discussed in the following challenges:

See the following example of how your method does not work.

Object.prototype.hasOwnPropertys = function(property) {
  let value = -1
  for (let i in this) {
    if (property === i) {
      return true
  return false

function Person(name, age) { = name;
  this.age = age;

Person.prototype.numLegs = 2;

const john = new Person('John', 36);

const x = john.hasOwnPropertys('age');
console.log(x); // shows true which is correct

const y = john.hasOwnPropertys('eyeColor');
console.log(y); // shows false which is correct

const z = john.hasOwnPropertys('numLegs');
console.log(z); // shows true which is not correct because numLegs is defined in Person's prototype.
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I understood. Thank you