Implementing Javascript into html

Hi Folks

I am currently follwing the FCC curriculum in the hope of guiding me towards a junior dev role further down the line. As I go through the exercises, anything I get stuck on ill also read up elsewhere and I am usually succesfull in gaining an understanding enough to either pass the challenge or if I cant i’m either using the hints or studying the answer so I know I have understood fully, (even coming back the next day hoping I have retained the understanding and pass the challenege again on my own.

However three months down the line, I have completed the regex challenges in Javascript (folllowiung the FCC order from responsive web design through javascript) and I still feel I have no idea how to implent JS within html. Should I pause for a bit and start reading up and doing some basic tasks though other resources or should I continue if FCC becomes more clear in future exercises?

I am trying to stay focused by using FCC as my guide rather than lots of different courses. I do read and research elsewhere but its always on the current FCC subject I am on. I stick with FCC as I easily end up down a rabbit hole becuase i seem to constatnly question every aspect I am learning.

Sorry for the long winded question, this is my first time interacting with the FCC online community and I guess I just need some reassurance and interaction with other budding coders navigating their way through this learning journey,

first of all ,@cryanaudio welcome to freeCodeCamp forum.

about this , it is common to feel like that , you just have to practice more.
when is learn javascript and still learning , i also used to feel that, but now, i don’t , i take notes of my own and revise it time to time and lots of fun projects.
so according to me notes and practice will help you.

And you can implement js within html using following ways
first => using script tag inside html
second => using link syntax
<script src="your script path"> </script>

hi Here is an Example!

<!--here is Html-->
<h1 id="title">title</h1>
<h2 id="subtitle">subtitle</h2>
  //here is JavaScript!
  let changeTitle = "new Title";
  //example loop
  for(let i = 0;i< 5; i++){
    document.getElementById("subtitle").innerText += " new Subtitle"
<!--Output = 
new Title 
subtitle new Subtitle new Subtitle new Subtitle new Subtitle new Subtitle-->

the title element will be replaced by “new Title” and the subtitle(Thanks to the += operator) will have " subtitle", more other 5 “new Subtitle” written…

Just like CSS, JS can either be implemented inside the HTML code, via link to the respective file, or directly within <script> tags(in the case of CSS, we use <style> tag instead).

The JS lessons are focused on the language itself, its syntax and tools; implementing it in html is more of a technical matter.

Thanks for the advice rio_sanap. Youre right Ill keep practicing and I think I will branch off occasionally and do some more fun projects. I really enjoyed the challeneges on the responsive we design, forcing you to use what you know to create something. I need to get more practical practice like this rather than doing challenge after challenge.

Thanks Miguel thats really helpful!!

Thanks Sylvant! Ill check them out

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