Implementing SASS into an already existing React app

I’ve been researching how to implement SASS into an already existing React app (i.e. not while using create react app)
It seems that some methods will require me to have 2 terminals open to run the app.
What is the best method to incorporate sass that will not require extra command line promps, multiple terminals open and can just work with npm start?


eg npm run thing & npm run other thing.

Typing man bash into the shell should give you the instructions for bash. This is the relevant part:

If a command is terminated by the control operator &, the shell executes the command in the background in a subshell. The shell does not wait for the command to finish, and the return status is 0.

You would be executing the first command in the background, in another shell.

Caveat: I have no idea what happens when you do this in bash on Windows, and have just deleted Windows from my computer so can’t check

Use node-sass-chokidar and npm-run-all

You’d have to look up how to configure it in package.json.