Implementing Sass/SCSS

I’ve completed the Sass portion of the Front End Libraries module, and want to implement it into some projects. FCC has given me a good understanding of how to WRITE Sass, but I am confused how to USE it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

The site has clear instructions for how to implement it locally on my own computer, but if I want to use sass in my projects, how would I go about it?

Thanks for any and all advice/input!
Cheers, Sam

Hello! Welcome to the forum :grin:! We hope you learn a lot :sunglasses:.

Hmmm, you could use something like node-sass-middleware, which allows you to serve SASS directly using expressjs. Here’s such an example:!/node-sass-middleware?path=server.js%3A10%3A29.

Another option would be to implement your own middleware that, basically, would use the SASS compiler to output a file (or keep them in-memory) to the client (which may be just what the node-sass-midleware does).

I hope it helps,


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