Implicit return - JS Lesosn 42

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I dont understand why is not working

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switch ( {
    case "nickname":
      setPlayerCards(players.filter(player => player.nickname));

The msg:
Sorry, your code does not pass. Hang in there.

Your filter() callback should implicitly return the result of checking if player.nickname is not null.

Challenge Information:

Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 42

I found the problem, I thought it will return the code if it is or not null, so the correction of my code should be:

MOD EDIT: Solution removed.

I’m glad you managed to solve this but please try to avoid posting solutions on the forum. We are trying to keep spoilers to a minimum and should only be giving hints or general guidance to assist others.

i am so sorry! I didnt knew that, thanks for letting me know