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"use strict";
export default subtract(7,4);

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You have used ‘export’ instead of import. Here’s the instruction again:

In the following code, please import the default export, subtract, from the file “math_functions”, found in the same directory as this file.

Yes i have read it but I don’t understand what to do

just change the word ‘export’ to ‘import’

“use strict”;
import default subtract(7,4);

That ? But it tell me it is wrong

ok i see the problem

reset the code back to start (there’s a button to do it)

then go back and add a new line above the “use strict” line to import the subtract (leave the other code as-is).

it should look similar to this:

import add from "math_functions";

but instead of ‘add’ subtract

“use strict”;
import add from “math_functions”;

you need to clearly read and the solve Problem it’s simple!!

Here is correct solution just try it:blush:

“use strict”;
import subtract from “math_functions”;

Yeah it is so simple OH my god thank you for helping


This is another simple way.

place the subtract inside a variable named math_functions & refer it to the import syntax like instructed.

"use strict";
const math_functions = subtract(7,4);
import subtract from "math_functions";