Importance of html, css and jvs for a software engineer

i’m 19 years old and i recently started programming, and i want to become a software engineer in the future(hopefully). but im always hesitant weither i should learn html ,css and jvs or i should dive straight in java and c. do i need knowledge about html ,css and jvs to become a software engineer? does it help? i searched the web all day but all the answers are too general or blurry.

If you don’t want to work with websites, don’t learn html and css. If you do want to work with websites, even if you mostly want to program, learn html and css.

Either way, HTML and CSS are so simple that you can understand both of them in a single day. After that you’ll know if it’s any useful to you to be able to use css better, or not.

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i see, it depends on the work that i will do . i will learn html and css anyway as a hobby :sweat_smile: . thank you for your response.

If the software you are building is related to web then you need to learn css, html, and js. Those three is only related to web development.