Impostor Syndrome


Has any of you had the experience of looking for work as a junior developer while being in a foreign country? The difficulty seems to double for me because I need visa sponsorship in order to be able to work, and it’s not easy getting sponsored as a junior.

I also suffer from impostor syndrome because I feel like I know nothing, and keep getting rejections. I feel like I can’t do anything properly :frowning:

Imposter syndrome is very common for people that’s looking for entry level jobs. Hack, even I have one and I have some experience in the field.

Try reading few articles that mention how to cope and overcome imposter syndrome because there are many articles that address on this on Medium. Here are few articles I found. Hope this helps!

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Hi Jen,

It’s a total challenge landing your first job, and you’re right that it’s not easy.

I have a few ideas that can help you, happy to have a chat, just look me up.

We all have it, it’s very normal even with years of experience. Rejections happens to everyone. Don’t let it affect your mental state but let it affects what you need to do to get hits. You eventually get a tougher skin. Just move on.