Improve Responsive Web Design Track with sectional projects

In the Responsive Web Design Track there are no projects until the very end of the all of the lessons. I think it would be better if there were projects at the end of each lesson section, such as at the end of "Basic HTML and HTML 5, the end of "Basic CSS, the end of “Applied Visual Design”, and so forth. This would help the student consolidate what they have learned along the way instead of having to try and regurgitate the whole in their mind at the end.

As a beginner, I also find it odd and confusing that you would include this statement in the instructions, “You can use Bootstrap or SASS if you choose. Additional technologies (just for example jQuery, React, Angular, or Vue) are not recommended for this project, and using them is at your own risk. Other projects will give you a chance to work with different technology stacks like React”… if someone was so far along in their education to have familiarity with JQuery, etc, why would they even be bothering to do this lesson? I guess perhaps some students here learn these before HTML and CSS?

the lessons are not mandatory, they are preparatory, so someone could decide to do the projects and get the certificate without needing to do the lessons.

at this time the curriculum is going through a complete rehaul: