Improving my resume

I am a Software Engineer with over 3 years of experience and lately, I have updated my resume with my latest experience.

Recently, I have put so much effort into my coding skills and in my knowledge of full-stack development in general.
I have taken Udemy & Pluralsight courses and I have built a side project with over 220 commits (in addition to my industry experience).

I am concerned about my resume and I want it to be written well so I can get every possible interview.

Should I use paid resume review services? or is it a waste of money?

If you think it is a good idea, which resume review service is the preferred one?

Hi @Redan welcome to the FCC forums!

I’d say don’t spend money if it isn’t necessary, and if you haven’t even applied yet you aren’t really sure how much of an impact such a service would provide.

Lots of people post their resumes here on these forums (they also remove parts of it to protect their identity if they are concerned) to get feedback from peers.

The usual rules to crafting a good resume still apply

  • Research job(s) you are going to apply to
  • Update it for the specific job at hand
  • Get it peer reviewed for basic grammar/spelling
  • Get it reviewed by people that are more familiar for topics/structure/experience/etc

A base resume is a good start, but crafting your resume for the job your applying to usually is a good idea. Doing research on the jobs your applying to focuses more on quality instead of quantity, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply to a lot of jobs.

Finally, try to get feedback when you can so you can further develop your resume and skills to what is needed.

Good luck!