In App Code Editor


I am currently creating an Digital Edition of an old book, using TEI, XML, XSLT (et cetera).

I know that my source material has many interesting aspects, which I will not be able to cover, so I want users of my app to be able to use at least javascript (I’d prefer Python for text analysis etc.) to temporarily manipulate my data, which is ~150 xml-files containing transcriptions of the text and certain markup.

While I will cover things as timeline creation from all tags inside the texts as well as visualisation such as wordclouds, or highlighting tags and some queries that are a little more complex (some distant reading stuff etc.) I’d totally love for the users to be able to “code” their own functions to do sth. with the text, without having to download it first …

So I guess, I am looking for a way to allow users access to files stored on a server and allowing them manipulation of a copy of each files. ( I do not want to add log-in and session-stuff, as I think this isn’t compatible to some regulations + I really love open access :wink: ))

Should I just integrate codepen or sth. like that?
Does anyone know, how FCC realizes the code editor, which I find really neat, especially the review! :smiley:

freeCodeCamp uses Monaco as their editor.

Now I will delve into Monaco Editor and probably come up with a nice solution for javascript and python output, if it can be done without too much fuss. The focus should remain on availability and interoperability (hence TEI). But I’d love to allow users to create own queries without downloading and setting anythingup … :smiley: