In average what is the deadline time for a project?

Hi guys,

I would be interested, how long it takes to finish a project(Building a website) in average but not just (Building a website)//how about apps?

Do you have any advice, how could I increase my productivity?

Thank you!

Hi Monesz,

Well it depend’s on someones skill how proficient he is to write code. You can increase your productivity by doing practice because practice makes a men perfect.

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How about making this a survey for other developers to take? Something like…

On average, how long does it take you to build…

  • a portfolio-style website?
  • a retail store or restaurant/cafe website?
  • an e-commerce website with shopping cart?
  • a single-page application?
  • a full-stack app with multiple users, chat functionality, etc,…?

And, for each what is your approach to project management to maximize productivity/efficiency?

This is a good idea Will. Thanks.