In Line Disable CSS?

Hi guys,

I’ve been doing some research, and am wondering if it is possible to disable or suspend CSS with an inline command?

Also did a search on the forum here and was not able to find an actual answer.


From what I understood, you want to disable the CSS on an element using an inline style.
There is a solution but it might not be supported by all browsers.
Take a look here

Usually one just overwrites the css for an exception to the rule.

The best way to develop, with a single stylesheet, is to write mobile styles first then using a media query write the desktop styles.

If such a thing existed you’d be causing unnecessary data transfer and cpu work to be done on a mobile device.

As said, if you are OK with not supporting IE or Edge you can use all with unset or initial.

I don’t see where the extra data is coming from? Nor do I think using the initial or initial + inherited styles will be any more work than whatever CSS the browser would have had to deal with otherwise. Technically it might be less work, depending on what CSS was otherwise going to be applied to the element.

Your right @lasjorg I’m getting too far out of scope after reading stack overflow.

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Stack Overflow can be great, other times it is like the worse rabbit hole you can fall into.

Thanks guys for all of your input and help. This is super encouraging.
Be advised - I’m not a pro at this but am learning, that makes your responses much more appreciated. With the added benefit of not irritating anyone on the Overflow forums.

The initial problem, I thought I was having with the li element when getting to 10 and up;
looked like “.1” when in fact it was not a “decimal point” then 1, it was showing the bottom “bar” (PT Sans font) of the leading number “1.”

This is where I got the idea of suspending the CSS on an element level.

I did digging and looking thru the CSS file and found a number of different classes created with the “li” element with varying padding settings as an example

.classxyz ol li{
		position: relative;
		padding-left: 20px;
nav > ul ul li{
		padding: 2px 0px 6px 0px;

I started experimenting and updating some of the CSS (now mind you I’m working with a templates and there are quite a few locations where the “li” element is built in to various classes some for nav and one widget and others.

I then tried in line padding to the left and bingo! my problem is a padding / spacing issue. Finding where from … if I did this for a job would be next… but I’ll settle for the in line padding solution for now.

Again I wan to thank you guys for the help and support, this means a lot having a forum to ask these question.

This is the internal project I’m working on: