In need of portfolio review and tips

Hey guys so I’ve been using FreeCodeCamp for a bit now, I finished the responsive web design course and have started the JavaScript course. Though I am on a slight break at the moment.
So I decided to create a portfolio page. I would really love some feedback on the overall design as well as things I could do to improve it.

Also I was wondering where else I could use to learn Javascript, I have the basic understanding as I have to do C programming for my computer science class in highschool so those concepts come easily however I’ll still confused to some higher concepts. (such as es6 higher order functions and regex).

In addtion to this I was wondering if with the stage I am at now, I could start building static pages as a freelancer? I also know enough about Wordpress to create websites with it.

Any feedback you have is appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Nice job,
I really like this

Thank you,
I appreciate your reply :smile:

Very nice!

  1. designed is spelled wrong in the coding box.
  2. It may just be my browser/screen resolution/font setting for mac (I have it at large or something) but the text in the about me box seems to overlap at the bottom. It’s probably more of an edge case if you will… at 80% zoom it’s fine but at 100% the bottom overlaps.

Can provide screenshots if you’d like to take a peek.

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Thank you, I’m sure it’s because the font setting is large. I might just have to increase the size of the box. Not sure of a next solution right now.

Looks really clean. You should check and make changes to your navbar on small screens. The font-size is really big when expanded and it has no background-color when it’s condensed.

I think you can start trying to freelance with the easier clientele. There’s people out there who don’t need the fancy whistles. What you can create should be enough. One thing to add for the sake of critiquing, watch out for those spelling errors. I saw a few on you music sample page. But nice work!

Thank you,
The idea for the navbar was to have huge buttons that cover the entire screen.
However, I haven’t been able to test if for really small screen, I’ll make some media query changes.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Thank you,
Sometimes I don’t realize those mistakes so it’s really nice to have someone point it out.
I appreciate your comment and I think I’ll start trying freelancing out.

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Looking very nice and sharp, I like it!

Very minor nitpick would be that you forgot to add a space after the dash in the quote.

Looking good, very clean and smooth.
I noticed that your hamburger icon in responsive view seems like a fixed. It would be nice that icon is not fixed or if you want to make it fixed, I would say give the background color so user can see there’s an icon on top and your brand on top alongside your icon.
and testing in another web browser such as Firefox or MS Edge or IE this would be your next skill in real job. You have to test your development in every web browser and resposive.

Goodluck :slight_smile:

Good job! Looks pretty good :clap:

You can change cursor of mouse when it hovers on submit button.

Hi! Looks quite clean and professional. When in mobile view if you could change the cursor of the mouse so people know that they can click on the navigation that would be better! Overall, good job!

Thank you @elnino97 ,
And lol, I still appreciate the correction, will correct it in my newest update.

Thank you for all this advice, I’m aiming for a fixed icon so I will add a background.
I do hope I can improve it. @irhamputra

I really didn’t realize, that I didn’t add the cursor on hover. Thank you @shimphillip and @vary0005

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Looks very clean… I really like the layout and the design and it has the makings to be an amazing portfolio site. However, there seems to be some sort of bug on first load I cannot interact with your nav until I first scroll the page down a bit… I duplicated this bug on chrome and firefox just to make sure it wasn’t one of my extensions. Also I would suggest you use some sort of hover effect for the nav bar whether changing the text color or growing a bit just to make sure people know its interactive. But keep up the good work :+1:

Thank you very much,
That’s a major issue so thank you for pointing it out, though I have no clue how to fix it at this moment.
Thanks for the other advice as well.

Hi, Your website looks professional but also when I click on nav there is no back button or close button I could see on my S9+
Other than that it looks pretty good

Thank you, I forgot to add a close button. :sweat_smile: