In need of professional help

Sir , i have done some Java script courses but there are very much things need to be learn .I have gone through FCC curriculum and it is very good and I am active on it .Actually I have done graduation from STEM field not specifically computer science and I am really interested in software industry and throughout my academics I was always eager to learn about computer science .Now the point is

  1. I do’n’t have CS degree
    2 I don’t have work experience to show
    3.I have built some personal projects on pen code but still lot more influential work need to be done .
    Now the big question is how to get a job and keep learning pitch as high as possible .Its a very big commitment I have done to myself .Actually one professional suggest me go and get internship and then look for job .Sir I started with front end languages as it is easy comparatively to C++ , Java etc and other major domain of work in computer science .Although i am interested in other domain than front end work , but i enjoy learning front end development .So how I may proceed now . I am from India , there are some internship in python work and many more in front end development .I applied in few and got shortlisted but it cannot proceed further.I thought once i get some work in web development , I will keep learning other things also .Now really stuck how to proceed …either learn front end work or some thing else …
    Waiting for your reply

I’m not from India, and I’m hoping that someone with experience there can chime in, but it seems like you’re already putting yourself out there. The best thing you can do, I think, is to keep applying for jobs and internships that interest you.

With that said, if you want to benefit from the freeCodeCamp community, you need to actually do the work that’s been provided. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done CodeAcademy, Codeschool, or HackerRank. freeCodeCamp is about doing the freeCodeCamp exercises and completing the projects. Where are your projects? How close are you to getting the Front End Certificate? Have you found any coding problems that you want some help with?

If there was some simple advice that anyone could give to find a job right away, no one would be unemployed. Your next step should be to tackle all of the challenges, in order.