In need of project Review

Hi all, I’m a new free code camper, I just have 2 projects done, the Tribute page and the portfolio site. I need you to help me review it

Nice work on the portfolio! Here’s a couple suggestions:

-I didn’t like that there was a horizontal scroll bar on your page, even though there is no content to the left of the page, it’s just white space. You should figure out which element is pushing your page out that way and make sure to set it’s length to be relative.

-Under Our Services the Responsive Design item seems to be out of alignment and above the other content.

-Your transparent nav bar looks great over the image, but when you scroll down it doesn’t look so good anymore. The links over the content on your page are very hard to read.

I love your testimonials!

Thank you
I actually noticed the page being pulled sideways too, I think it’s the images in the Our services container. I tried making them responsive using class .img-thumbnail, but that doesn’t seem to work

I think it’s a bootstrap problem actually. Taking a quick look at your HTML it looks like each section of your page has a container-fluid class. You should only use this class on your page container, not for the individual sections.

I’d try tweaking that and see if there is an improvement.