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If you can, would you place a progress tracker somewhere on the pages of problems that we are trying to solve? (Something like 21/26 in the top left corner) Sometimes while I’m solving problems I wounder how many more I have until I complete the section. This is usually times after I have been working on a lot of them and/or a long time when I wounder this. The progress bar in the submit section is okay, but it only helps after you have finished the current problem, it only gives a percentage, and I have to try and remember how many problems there were in that section to get any real judgement of my progress. (and sometime I forget to look at the progress bar because I’m just glad I got through the problem). I feel like a constant progress tracker while you are in the problem would helpful, not just for me, but for everyone on the site.

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We have this on the learn map:

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Yes, I know, I just don’t want to keep going back to that screen if I have to when I am in this screen:


Whilst this feature could be implemented, as a simple for-now, you could have a second tab open with the above mentioned page…

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I understand both of your points, and honestly I didn’t think of a different tab as a solution until @Sky020 said it. I was only thinking of a single tab format. I’ll try that for now, thanks.

@raisedadead that page was the reference point I was thinking of when I made my original post.


I don’t really understand your opening. I guess I’m just confused on the “as a simple for-now” part. Are you saying that it can start out simple but will grow into a massive project in the future, or as a simple solution for-now I could open up a second tab to solve the problem until you can implement it in the future?

I meant this :slight_smile:. Just a thought to help.

Okay, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: