In progress Portfolio. Looking for feedback :)

Still in-progress I feel like. Currently thinking about what to do with a third project. Also fleshing out what specific skills I have in the projects page. Any thoughts on it would be appreciated!

Also resume seems to big, but wanted to make it readable? If it’s the length of a screen, it becomes too small I feel like :confused:

Feel free to comment about the projects as well, if you feel like it :smiley:


Pretty good i love it for a matter of fact

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Hey Kyle,

great work.

Some small ideas:

  • the favicon is the default Gatsby icon, would change it
  • Contact page: email and github should be clickable
  • closing the pages with the Esc key would be awesome for accessibility
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Thanks for the feedback guys!

I really like the color and animation of your project.
You laid it out really well, too.

I would suggest you add the pictures of your projects in your portfolio.
Great job on everything.

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