In search of weather app Feedback

Hey everyone!
Hope all of you are doing great, and you have a nice day. :star_struck:

After a long absence from FCC I’m back to my learning curve, and I finally managed to finish a weather app!
Whew, it’s been a long one since I couldn’t understand all these requests and apis, etc etc…

I decided to make it using vanilla JS after all, since I find it easier to do so.
Here it is:

Not the prettiest one, but I like it (‘cause it’s mine :sweat_smile: )
I would like to hear all of your ideas and critics of it, and be sure to show me yours, as I’m super interested in others’ work too :smiley:

looks a lot like mine - not a whole lot to it, but functional - only thing I saw is the icon/image is not showing up for me on yours

As @moT01 points out, on some locations (such as Shuzenji, JP), there is no image, because icon property referenced in the line:[0].icon;

does not exist for this particular location and sometimes other locations.

ha - funny thing just happened - my little weather project actually came in handy - I opened it up because of you to post a reply - and as I was going to close the tab I noticed it said thunderstorms for the current weather, I’m thinking to myself - “it’s not storming out” - and so I check the actual radar and it’s going to start storming any minute

Looks nice. Good Job! :raising_hand_man:

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I like yours! Minimalism is always a good choice)) I like that it’s not as pinkish as mine :laughing:
Can you please check mine again? I think I fixed the problem with the icon, now if it can’t find one, it will show description in text. At least that’s how it works with Shuzenji when I check it.

Oh my, I hope it wasn’t a big storm and you’re okay? :disappointed_relieved:

thank you for pointing that out. I think I fixed it, it should show text description when the icon is not available. If you could check it again, I would be very grateful.

It’s interesting that sometimes I get icon for Shuzenji and sometimes not… maybe it’s a connection problem?