In the .red CSS rule, change the background-color property to background

.red {
  background: rgb(255, 0, 0);

But it keeps saying the code does not pass.

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Please post a link to the challenge you are working. Thanks

I think your code is correct, looking at your code, this should be from the css colored markers. Can you give the browser/OS you are using, I think this problem is there in apple devices.

Iā€˜m having the exact same issue. Iā€˜m using Safari on an iPad with iOS 15.4. Tried using Google Chrome instead of Safari but problem still persists. Because of that bug Iā€˜m stuck on (New) Responsive Web Design Course: Learn CSS Colors by Building a Set of Colored Markers 49 and 60.

Please open a new thread with your code and a link to the challenge. Thanks

macOS Monterey
Version 12.3.1

Having the SAME ISSUE on 60 as well.

also having this issue right now. my code is correct yet the answer is not accepted.

I can confirm, however, that the answer is accepted when I use Chrome instead of Safari