In Title case problem output is correct in console but test case is not passing.why?

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function titleCase(str) {
  str = str.toLowerCase().split(" ");

  for(var i = 0; i < str.length; i++)
      str[i] = str[i].split("");
      str[i][0] = str[i][0].toUpperCase();
      str[i][str[i].length] = " ";
      str[i] = str[i].join("");
  str = str.join("");
  return str;

titleCase("I'm a little tea pot");

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titleCase(“I’m a little tea pot”) should return “I’m A Little Tea Pot”.

Your code returns "I’m A Little Tea Pot ". Note the extra space at the end of the sentence.

Thanks. Any suggestion how to remove that?

The easiest way to fix this, is using trim().

Thank u.The code is now working properly