Include irrelevant experience in Resume

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It depends.

What is your goal?
If you want to join Google as a Senior Backend Dev, it probably is irrelevant.
If you want to join Startup X as Machine Learning Dev and Fullstack Dev, it can be relevant.

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I see, that makes sense. Thank you!

I consider experience, experience event “unrelated” experience is something. Now mind you there is only so much space on a resume, so promoting the right experiences on it is important to make the most use of the space. In that sense, not all experience is equal.

Now I believe unrelated experience is better than a blank part of your resume.

I would include it if you can fit it, but I wouldn’t “promote” it as much as your more relevant experience. You can also “spin” your experience to help it relate to the job your applying to. As you said, it included researching and problem analysis, which is relevant.

So yes, include it if you can :slight_smile:


I will keep that in mind. Thanks!

I would suggest not to put anything which is not related to the job you are applying for. You may put some experience in your resume, even if it is not related, but you have to make it relevant.

Yes, I will try to tailor my resume to every job I’ll apply for. I just hope giving emphasis on having experience as a problem solver gives off bonus points.

That’s good to hear that you get my points. And yes, it is good just to tailor your resume for every job as per its requirements. Please don’t add irrelevant experience as it will not give you bonus points.

you should maybe show you had a job, long uninterrupted employment, or employment that requires problem solving, or employment in the same field you are applying to even if on other positions, or similar things, are a bonus - they show you can keep a job, or bring relevant experience.

If it’s not really related, maybe just a line at the bottom to say “I have work experience”