Incomplete wiki data

Hello friends,

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I’m getting what I can only describe as “incomplete sentences” when I try to run my API call to Wikipedia. I’m pretty sure that my data isn’t being modified or truncated, thanks to various console.log statements, so I’m not sure if this is because of the API itself, or if I’m actually doing something wrong.

For example, when I search for the word “cat”, I get one sentence that reads "
of cat coat coloration, pattern, length (short, medium or long), and texture is a complex ".

Also, is there some way to sort the results that I get? Each time I click on the Go button, I get a different list of results. Sometimes the order randomly changes, sometimes it randomly adds/removes different elements.

You have a specific height defined for the .hexagonInnerMiddle and .resultText classes. You also have overflow: hidden which will hide anything overflowing. If you want the text to show up, you need to increase the height.

I thought about that at first, but I’ve since added a console.log statement that shows the unmodified data result from the API call that also shows incomplete sentences, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t modify that.

I think something is wrong with my API call, since I don’t get the same results when I test other people’s projects (in full view, of course).

It seems like that endpoint just provides a snippet?

You may need to do another query to get the full text of the page.

I don’t understand…I’ve been to that page a hundred times. What other kind of query should I use?