Incorrect Color Information - Green is NOT Primary

The lesson information and description says “…Red ®, green (G), and blue (B) are called primary colors.” This is incorrect. Green is NOT a primary color. It can be created by combining blue and yellow. Yellow is the other primary color not mentioned.

This is fundamental information. Shouldn’t it be corrected?


i think they are referring to “RGB” red green blue being the primary colors of any pixel. Pixels can be one of these colors and combining these gives us all the others. (look it up for more info)

Color is a complex subject involving science and perception.

FCC is dealing with light so it is talking about additive colors , RGB.

What you are talking about is subtractive colors, like mixing paint or dye. In school we were taught RBY, but now cyan magenta and yellow are preferred - you hear a lot about them in prinitng, mixing ink.

Compter screens emit light so those frequencies add together. Inks work by absorbing light so they create color by subtracting. It’s a more complex subject than they taught us in grade school.

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Thank you for clarifying!