Incorrect example provided for Basic JavaScript: Word Blanks?

Here is what is provided as an example in the Basic JavaScript: Word Blanks tutorial:

var sentence = "It was really" + "hot" + ", and we" + "laughed" + "ourselves" + "silly.";

This concatenation does not appear to accurately account for the spaces needed between words. Shouldn’t it be something like this?

var sentence = "It was really " + "hot" + ", and we " + "laughed" + " ourselves " + "silly.";

Hi @Tierney,

It seems like it should be as you’ve noticed.

You can check whether this bug was reported before or not using this guide: How to Search for Existing Issues in GitHub

And if it was not reported yet you can report a new a bug: How to Report a Bug to the freeCodeCamp open source community

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A rewrite is already in the master branch. It’s only waiting to be deployed.

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@timagixe - Thank you for the links! I was unable to find it in the issues, but I was able to find it in the master branch that @kevcomedia mentioned!

Thank you both. :+1: