Increment a Number with JavaScript help plzz

Why it not running?
I have done all the things what needed.

You have to put increment operator ++ after myVar
Hope that helps

The instructions provides an example of how the code should work. your syntax matters.

no bro. I have tried it but same problem

I have followed the example but nothing happens

That works for me though.
Could you post your code?

Hey, Whenever you need help with any of the Freecodecamp challenges, use the “Ask For Help” button on your challenge page. It gives the link to the challenge as well as posts the code properly here on forum.


If you are certain I was wrong you may try reloading your page, perhaps it is a script issue.

i upload a pic though you can see the code in there

oops…! the code is running in your device but why not in mine one!!!

Refresh/Reload your web page, it could be a script issue. Show us your results. We’ve only seen your incorrect code.

Thanks brother for the support further i will follow the step but why my code is not running??

If you could post your code?,
Then we might be able to help you.

I have refreshed several times but nothing change

Here is the code beother.
var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line

change this to myVar++
And try again.
See if it helps.

We’ve already explained the problem, you have to be willing to read your code and instruction carefully.

Brother thank you. It worked.

Thanks brother for help