Increment a Number with JavaScript: How to Change "myVar = myVar + 1"? [To be CLOSED]

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Hi everyone,

So far I have done everything right on the exercise, except for the part where it asks me to change “myVar = myVar + 1”.

I even tried reversing the original equation, as in “myVar + 1 = myVar”, but with no success as it turned out to be syntax error.

With that said, how could I successfully change it as the exercise is asking me to? Also, what would “change” mean in this case? How would any of the characters in the equation need to be modified?

Many thanks in advance.


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var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = myVar + 1;
myVar = myVar++;

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It works the same way with - as it does with +.

The question states that i = i + 1 equals i++. So your myVar = myVar++ has an unnecessary variable declaration. So just get rid of the original myVar = myVar + 1 and the variable declaration and it should pass.

You are trying to re-declare the variable in your code. It is already declared as 87, you just want to increment it, thus passing it ++. the line would just look like —> myVar++

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It did pass. I appreciate your help!