Increment a Number with JavaScript incorrect

Increment a Number with JavaScript lesson is incorrect.

The lesson suggests that i++ is the equivalent of i + 1; however the lesson will only work if you replace myVar = myVar + 1, with myVar = ++myVar.

myVar = myVar++

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let myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = myVar;

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Challenge: Increment a Number with JavaScript

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It is mentioned that "Change the code to use the ++ operator on myVar " which means you can only add the ++ operator either in the form of postfix or prefix. You are not allowed to use

myVar = myVar +1;

You can only use one notations from below


That would be incorrect. But the lesson doesn’t say that. Here’s what it says:


is the equivalent of

i = i + 1;

That is different than what you have written. What is written in the lesson is correct.


Please don’t give the answers to challenges. Try to guide them. We’re a learning platform.

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If you re-read the instructions, it says:


is the equivalent of

i = i + 1;

Can you spot the difference between your sentence and the instruction’s sentence?

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I’m sorry, will be careful next time.

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Thanks for your help

Thanks for your help.

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