Increment a Number with JavaScript my var

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I put myvar = myvar++;
and it wasnt correct what am I doing wrong?

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myVar = myVar++;

var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = myVar++;

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the following three are equivalents, note that there is not a a = a++;, as that is not correct

a = a + 1;
a += 1;

myVar++ returns the value that was before the increment, you don’t need to re-set the value, just do:


If you want to re-set the value you could do a “increment first” operation by adding the “++” as a prefix as such:

myVar = ++myVar;

I only put myVar++; and it worked so whats the whole a++ thing about

he was giving you an example with a instead of myVar

If I did the thing with myVar it wouòd have the answer directly, instead I was showing you the correct syntax with a different variable so that you can learn to apply it!