Increment & and decrement codes for php backend

need proper working code for backend
i am currently working on my clg project ‘payroll management’ need some help with backend code
Need help in developing a code for admin side increment and decrement in salary in percentage and want to show the same in user side.
Explaining the code to me would be great if possible.
Thank You

What exactle is the problem?
What code do you have already written?
Where are you struggling?

Generally, “increment” refers to the very specific act of “adding 1 to an integer” whereas “decrement” means “subtracting 1 from an Integer”.
It’s most notably used in for-loop as “i++” and “i–”, as a shorthand for “i = i+1” and “i = i-1”.

So I feel like that’s not what you want to do, because that’s not hard.
However that means you are using wrong words which makes it even harder to understand your problem, let alone help.

i am struggling to discuss the roots
so will you like to join me on zoom?

Sorry I don’t know anything about clg - I was just saying that if you want help, you need to provide a lot more information.

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