Incremental timer

How can I create a div with a timer and the timer counts number of seconds the mouse spends in the box and display this number at the top.

What code have you attempted?

Am just getting started with J.S so here is my code:

	<div id="container-prop" onmouseover="startWatch()" onmouseout="stopwatch()" class="div-1" >
		<h3> Timer Box-1 </h3>

	<div id="container-prop" class="div-2">
		<h3> Coloured Box Two </h3>

I don’t know what level of JavaScript you have, but I suggest you start with Free Code Camp’s JavaScript curriculum and then see how it goes.

You are going to need to make an attempt at the code or at least make an attempt at writing out an algorithm, so we can see if you understand the logic steps you need to implement. We are not just going to write the code for you. We aim to guide you, but you have to give us more as a starting point.

Also, you have not really given enough information. If the user mouses-over the box then mouses-out and then mouses-over again, should the timer start over?

Thanks, but can you help me out with a guideline on how the logic would be?

See my last question.