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I’m trying to put all my formatting in my CSS file. In it I have defined a space with a border around it. My HTML will put text in that space on 3 or 4 lines. I want that text to be indented a fixed number of pixels. I tried using text-indent: 100px but it applied only to the first line of text. I realize that I can probably put text in HTML that will place the text correctly, but that seems an inelegant solution. Is there a CSS declaration that will indent ALL lines in that space?

Indentation is in relation to something. This is also why text indentation works the way it does.

So the question is, is the text just supposed to be further to the right inside its container? If so, some padding left on the container would do it, e.g. padding-left on .body.

BTW, I’m not really sure where you are trying to close that p element but you can’t close a child element outside its parent. You closed the parent div and seem to be closing the child p element after it at the bottom.

Example of invalid closing


Thanks, that is an example of carelessness. I fixed it.

Can you tell my why my various components will not display within the ‘body’ style? I want the name, photo, birth, marriage, death, bio , children, and thumbnails to appear with the area with the light brown/tan area. I’ve tried different approaches without success for several days. Searching has turned up nothing, probably because I can’t make a good search argument.

The best way I can describe what I want to do is to have the other components appear as overlays with the body area. A pointer to a good article or wiki would be sufficient if you can’t take the time to explain what I’m doing wrong. I got no hits when I posted this separately.

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