Indents on the sides

Hey. I need your help.
There is a site that is made for the phone, with a width for html and body 360px and the problem is that on all devices, there are additional indents on the sides regardless of the width of the screen, even if the screen width is 360px. And the content itself is diminished.
Check it is possible by the link:
P.S. The link is not advertising, I’m just testing the work. And please do not blame much for the layout :blush:

Thank you in advance

Uhm, that’s the effect of margin:auto in the html, body css target i think :stuck_out_tongue:
Get rid of it and the content will move to the left side of the screen ^^
If you want to make it responsive instead you should use other techinques ( dunno if you’re interested in) ^^

Hope it helps,